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Rolling Waves Cornish Jewellery

Sterling silver beaded bracelet with a Cornish sea glass charm

Sterling silver beaded bracelet with a Cornish sea glass charm

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This stunning sterling silver elasticated bracelet is made from 4mm sterling silver beads with two larger 5mm beads framing the Cornish sea glass charm. The bracelet is approximately 7.5 inches but it will stretch enough to fit over your hand.

Cornish sea glass is found around the coast of Cornwall. The pieces i collect can vary in shape, size and colour therefore no two pieces will be alike. Please note that you may not receive a piece of sea glass which is in the photos.

Sea glass colour options are:
* Seafoam (pale green)
* White
* Amber
* Green
* Lime
* Olive
* Cobalt Blue (please bare in mind that this is rare to find in Cornwall and tends to be small pieces)

I shall try my best to give you your selected colour choice but if i haven't got a piece suitable i shall message you for your second choice.

This bracelet is light weight and sits loosely on the average size wrist. To avoid disappointment i suggest you check your wrist measurements before you purchase.

There are 2 packaging options to choose from, standard or gift box.

Standard packaging your bracelet will arrive in a cotton bag with a jewellery card.


Gift box, your bracelet will be wrapped is tissue paper and put in one of my branded Rolling Waves jewellery box’s hand tied with a ribbon. Please note there is a small charge of £2.00 for this service.

Care instructions:

Please take extra care when putting on and removing the bracelet to not over stretch it as this could cause the elastic to snap or become weak. Over time the sea glass may start to look white from the natural frosting, if you prefer the sea glass to look brighter in colour you can rub a small amount of oil in to it and gently polish with a lint free cloth. I recommend using coconut or baby oil which is safe for skin contact.

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