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Rolling Waves Cornish Jewellery

Cornish sea glass necklace

Cornish sea glass necklace

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A piece of Cornish sea glass sitting on a 18” sterling silver (925 stamped) Fine chain.

Sea glass comes in different colours, shapes and sizes so the piece of sea glass you receive may look different to the ones photographed. Choose your favourite colour from:

* White
* Sea foam (very pale green)
* Amber
* Olive Green
* Green
* Cobalt Blue (please bare in mind that this is rare to find in Cornwall and tends to be small pieces)
* Lime Green

Please note the seaglass colour chart is a rough guide on the colour you are selecting, the green shades in particular can differ lightly due to there being so many different shades. Also if you choose a cobalt blue piece it will most likely be fairly small (smaller than a 5pence piece) as these tend to be smaller pieces when found on the beach.

I will do my best to send you the colour of your choice and if I don’t have it in stock I will message you with some alternatives.

There are 2 packaging options to choose from, standard or gift box.

Standard packaging your necklace will arrive in a cotton bag with a jewellery card.


Gift box, your necklace will be wrapped is tissue paper and put in one of my branded pillow box and finished off with a ribbon. Please note there is a small charge of £2.00 for this service.

Care instructions:

I do not recommend letting the jewellery get wet, also always remove before bed. Over time the sea glass may start to look white from the natural frosting, if you prefer the sea glass to look brighter in colour you can rub a small amount of oil in to it and gently polish with a lint free cloth. I recommend using coconut or baby oil which is safe for skin contact.

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