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Rolling Waves Cornish Jewellery

Cornish cobalt blue seaglass ring Size M

Cornish cobalt blue seaglass ring Size M

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This stunning piece of cobalt blue seaglass was picked up by me on a Cornish beach.

The seaglass has been bezel set with sterling silver and soldered on to a sterling silver band uk size M. The band has a hammered finish.
Please ensure this is the right size for you as I cannot resize the ring.

You’re ring will come with a Rolling Waves ring box.

Care instructions:

I recommend storing your ring in the jewellery box provided. Over time the sea glass may start to look white from the natural frosting, if you prefer the sea glass to look brighter in colour you can rub a small amount of oil in to it and gently polish with a lint free cloth. I recommend using coconut or baby oil which is safe for skin contact.

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